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User Notices

A)          Coverage and accuracy: This database provides processed data and annotations in both Chinese and English. Our entries are selected from library collections held in Hong Kong, Macau and the United Kingdom, databases and private collections. While we have taken great care to ensure the accuracy of all the information included, mistakes are hard to avoid. If you notice one, please write to us with your correction.

B)           Collection status: All the entries mentioned in this database belong to collections held by other organisations. We are unable to provide full-text viewing. Wherever possible, however, we have included links to full-text versions available online. If not, we will state in which library/ institution you may find them (or their copies).

C)           Frontpages/images: Wherever possible, we have included frontpages or other images of the periodicals discussed on this site either with the approval of the appropriate copyright holder or in line with Creative Commons principles. For entries where the copyright status of a frontpage or image was unclear, we have either not used an image or replaced it with a stock image. While we made every possible effort to clarify the copyright of all images featured, there were cases where we could not locate or contact the copyright holder. If you are the copyright holder of an image whose approval we failed to secure, please contact us.

D)          Uses of primary and secondary sources: Although our annotated bibliography features many references, we have largely only cited information provided by primary sources. Where information about editors, prices, publisher and the last and last date of publication is missing, it is because such details could not be traced.

E)           Romanisation: Pinyin is used for most people’s names, place names and pronouns, some special terms in Chinese and the titles of all periodicals with no English title. Occasionally, Jyutping or alternative forms of romanisation is used for terms and names commonly known in Cantonese, such as saam kap dai.

F)           Currency: The sale price of a periodical is given in Hong Kong dollars, unless specified otherwise.

G)          This is an independent database—unaffiliated with any institutions and of non-commercial nature. With the exception of copyrighted images, all contents of this database are open for use by anyone in accordance with the principles of Creative Commons. We would be grateful, however, if all quotations or other use of its material is accompanied by the following suggested citation:

Lam Nga-li, Charmaine Hui, Emily Chau, Cleo Lai, Bilingual Database and Annotated Bibliography of Cantonese Popular Periodicals of the Early Twentieth Century. Last modified 22 AUG 2022,


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