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New Life Evening Post
Editors - Liang Kuan (Liang Houfu) · Liu Jie · Lu Haian · Gao Xiong (Gao Dexiong) · Chen Ji · Liang Xiaozhong · Fang Longxiang
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Date of Publication
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Price for each issue : 10 cents
Liu Guoxiong

First published with four pages, subsequently increased to six pages by March 1960, New Life Evening Post’s coverage ranged from colour-printed pages devoted to film and TV entertainment in the 1950s to ‘Selections of Famous Songs from the radio’, to ‘Keys to the News’ (devoted to social news) and ‘New Life Sports’. Its ‘Life Amusement’ supplement, which first appeared in March, 1949, devoted its third page, ‘New Amusement’, to arts and literature (‘New’ and ‘Life’ sound the same in Cantonese, making the page name a pun of the supplement’s name). The page was the only one that existed throughout the New Life Evening Post’s lifespan until it ceased publication in 1975. [1]

Location The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors Liang Kuan (Liang Houfu · Feng Hongdao) · Gao Xiong (Gao Dexiong · San Su · Jing Jila · Xiaosheng XingGao · Xu De) · Ye Lingfeng (Qiu Sheng) · Hu An · Xiu Zai