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Wenxue yanjiu lu
Editors - Luo Wuzhou
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Zhongguo Wenxue Yanjiu She

Wenxue yanjiu lu was published every month by Hong Kong Society of the Studies of Chinese Literature, replacing its previous newsletter, Wenhua yuekan. It was managed by the society’s chair, Luo Wuzhou, who was also a postal services staff member, and made available to the public as well as members of the society. The society claimed to have the backing of the Secretariat for Chinese Affairs of Hong Kong, which allowed it to offer learning credits. Students of the society could be found in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Hunan and Kuala Lumpur. The monthly contained calligraphy, literary reviews, poems, ci, parallel prose, satire, detective stories and assignments written by students of the society, marked and commented on by renowned Shanghai writers such as Wang Dungen and Zhou Shoujuan.

Location The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
Contributors Wang Dungen · Zhou Shoujuan · Xu Zhenya · Tianxu Wosheng · Wu Dongyuan · He Haiming · Pan Lanshi · Hu Jichen · Hu Puan · Lin Qinnan (Lin Shu) · Tiantai Shannong · Zhang Taiyan · Xu Tianxiao · Ruifang Nǜshi · Li Hanqiu · Qinglan Shanren

[1] Complimentary for students of the society.