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The Butterfly
Editors - Wei Chunqiu · Yang Weiwen
Date of Publication
Frist issue avaliable
Date of Publication
Last issue avaliable
Not Avalible
Price for each issue : 30 cents
The Pictorial Journal

This monthly featuring two-colour printing on its frontpage and a few of its inner pages covered military and political news from Guangzhou and nearby areas, serialised fiction and entertainment news about Chinese opera and cinema. From Issue 4 onwards, it added updates from Chinese sojourners overseas (huaqiao) and courtesan gossip from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and various China towns. Its publisher employed Gong Zhenxin as its head manager in Canada, with copies of the magazine also distributed to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Manila, Vancouver, Shanghai, Mexico, Cuba, London and New York.

Location Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY)
Contributors Jian Shi · Lingxiaosheng · Tongshifoshanren · Hai Ouzi · Da Fu · Da Huang · Yuxiansheng · Fengliumushi