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Editors - Jingwu Tiyuhui Xuanzhuanke
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Jingwu Tiyuhui Xuanzhuanke

Jingwu was the second early 20th century magazine from Hong Kong, after Xianggang jingwu  to combine martial arts and literary works. Two issues now remain and can be found in the University of Hong Kong’s collection.

Published on the first day of each month, by the look of its format and content, as well as its contributors, this magazine appeared to have had no direct ties with Xianggang jingwu, despite sharing a similar name. The latter publication was attached to Xianggang Jingwu Gui (Chin Woo Athletic Association Hong Kong), while Jingwu belonged to the Chin Woo Athletic Association. Further investigation is required to see whether these two sport clubs were related to each other.

Its articles were written in either classical or vernacular Chinese.

The magazine’s were ‘to promote the true essence of combat sport; to report on the financial situation of the club; and, with the assistance of amusing words, to become popular as a periodical among club members as well as the general public.’ Articles on martial art are found in both the surviving issues. One, titled ‘Tai Chi Movements’, and another, titled ‘Eagle Claw Movements’, describe the origins and development of these two martial arts styles, along with instructions on now to practise them. Other articles introduced readers to Japanese literature and literary figures. Another noteworthy piece is ‘ In the Blink of an Eye’, an essay by the well-known writer Lü Lun.

Location The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Contributors Cen Zhuoheng · Li Xianwu · Cui Fadong · Xing He · Luo Hua · Zhao Dusheng · Liang Shunan · Tan Hansheng · He Jingbin · Zhao Lin · Qi Dong · Guang Nian · Li Lin · Lü Lun · W.S.Lam

Courtesy of The University of Hong Kong Libraries.